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New Premium Resellers of Rammer Hydraulic Hammers and the KES Rock Breakers

william wheatley wickham is scaling up its business with rammer hammer

William Wheatley (Wickham) is scaling up its online attachment business by taking on the premium reselling of Rammer Hammers and KES Rock Breakers.

At the same time, our company welcomes Bruce Murray, Murray Plant Founder and Managing Director, as an advisory board member. Murray Plant has supplied hydraulic hammers and equipment to the construction, mining, demolition and quarrying industries for 30 years. Bruce has a wealth of product knowledge and has developed strong relationships with a large customer base.

bruce murray advisory board member william wheatley wickham

Bruce Murray is no stranger to the hydraulic hammer Industry and Bruce’s Rammer recognition, having won five UK Dealer of the Year Awards, the Customer Service prize and the first World Dealer title. 

bruce murray ramm world wide dealer advisory board at william wheatley wickham

James Wheatley, Managing Director

William Wheatley (Wickham)

I welcome Bruce Murray on our Advisory Board.

Bruce and I have known each other for several years, and I am looking forward to having access to his extensive insights and know-how about the hydraulic hammers market, his wealth of product knowledge and getting his inputs on how to move our new online hydraulic hammers business forward.

Rammer Hammer Hydraulic Hammers

Hydraulic Hammer Range, Suitable for Excavators, Skid Steers & Backhoes working in Mining and Construction.

All hammers are high-performance breakers designed to give you the ultimate versatility, reliability and efficiency. The use of advanced hydraulics combined with materials and production technology have enabled us to create hydraulic hammers that are powerful, durable and cost-effective.

Rammer the world’s best-known and most-respected brand of hydraulic hammers 

Rammer offers a comprehensive range of powerful, productive, and durable hydraulic hammers suitable for the 0.6 to 120 tons operating weight class carriers.

Tough, Durable, and Most Economical

Rammer is an undisputed leader in their class, says James Wheatley, Managing Director, William Wheatley (Wickham). We have decided to focus on the Large Range hammers. So whether you are tackling the most challenging duties at general construction, demolition, quarrying, secondary and primary mining or special applications, Rammer’s Large Range hydraulic hammers are your reliable solution for carriers between 26 and 120 tons (57 300–264 600 lb).

KES Rock Breakers

We have taken on the KES Rock Breakers as an alternative to Rammer Hammer.

We will offer our customers the full KES Range From Small, Medium & Heavy Excavator Jackhammers.

In other words, we will supply a complete KES line of hydraulic breaker attachments fit for every machine and any rough job. The power to weight ratio and the efficiency of the KES latest generation of medium-duty and heavy-duty hydraulic breakers has been significantly increased compared to their predecessors.

KES hydraulic breakers are efficient and highly adaptable hammers. 

KES combines superior efficiency and performance with high durability and low impact on the environment. They are suitable for a wide range of carriers like wheeled and crawler excavators will get the job done – quickly and economically.

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