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Our Company Journey Through Four Generations

Started With The First Farm Implements Being Manufactured In 1890.

James Wheatley

Managing Director

Our company journey started four generations ago in 1890 with the manufacturing of the first farm implements.

Our success in the mining and construction machinery business has been built up steadily over 36 years and continues to build.

The foundations of our achievements are:

The growing number of customers and concluded machine sales.

Our substantial worldwide business network.

Market insights, including many thousands of machines at hundreds of different geographical locations worldwide, complete with the machines’ detailed data.

We will continue to develop our services, remain a beacon in the industry, continue to make sales happen, and solve our customers’ obstacles in selling or buying mining or construction equipment.

Together with my team, we will continue to develop our CRM, where we operate one of the best databases in the industry, being able to pull off lists of users for any machine that might be available for sale or purchase.

If you want to learn more about our company, a good place to start is the William Wheatley (Wickham) Company History Timeline


Our Vision

Our business’s foundations and aspirations must remain genuine to those incorporated by our visionary founder, and his innovation and energy must continue to be our inspiration.

Our passion and entrepreneurial culture require that we deliver our services and the products we sell to our customers with the highest integrity and quality and sustain our credibility.

Mission Statement

To facilitate our customers’ machine sales and marketing through multiple channels online and offline.

Market and sell innovative machine attachments technology from our eCommerce system platforms.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Long-term business success is closely linked to corporate responsibility and sustainable development.

By establishing high social, environmental, and ethical standards, William Wheatley (Wickham) builds profitable growth and is determined to create value for all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and the community.

The 5P’s

Being a responsible company means taking responsibility and contributing to sustainable social, environmental, and economic development. Therefore we consider the five P’s; Planet, People, Peace, Profit, and Partners; with those in mind and our operation and business plans, we are committed to growing sustainably.

The 5 Ps

Planet We must contribute to the health of Earth. The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the sea we use in our daily life, and the climate that makes the Planet habitable all come from nature. On top of that comes the enjoyment of enjoying nature.

We encourage all our employees’ full potential by treating them fairly and with respect, offering them work and training, and preserving safeguarding their health, safety, and well-being.

Peace For the steady and uninterrupted development of countries economically and politically, it is necessary to avoid wars. Peace is vital for the protection of human rights all over the world.

We endeavor to run businesses with profitability and growth, working with a strong commitment to combat every kind of corruption and bribery. Compliance with competition rules and regulations must be a part of our business practices.

Building a strong business requires a multi-faceted approach and the ability to handle conflicting priorities. As with most things in life, balance is the key. This is even more important for businesses built around a partnership or several partnerships, which add extra complications to an already difficult task. Through those collaborative relationships, however, business owners can often discover an even greater potential for success.

Our Core Values

Trust; we build trust through constructive, plainspoken and honest communication. Accountability; by measuring ourselves against the highest standards of integrity and responsibility.

Customer Commitment; We build relationships to have a positive impact on our customers. Our success depends on the shared energy, intelligence, and contributions of all of our Team Members.

We operate a flat organisation; because our team spirit is essential.

Innovation; 130 years company culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Our Company In Numbers

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Years of experience in Mining & Construction Equipment
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Countries where we have done business
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Machines & equipment sold
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