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CAT6030-O & K 120E Bucket

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Excavator Bucket to Fit Caterpillar 6030 or O and K 120E.


8FBBC565 FC0E 47E2 A27C 704A320BAA47 6F08098E FA6E 4B53 A9C2 6B03A1A654A5 015B743F D162 4587 9D1B 87725FD1F539 C70231B8 5F54 4D47 9459 11B9ACA324B1 5F649F96 8A28 489D 9807 B4085CD8A689 AB48A3D5 C0B5 49DF AB8A 21E35E015193 0EAF6225 C978 4521 846C 8ADC02D7D10D



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Model:16.723 Ton
Year of manufacturer:Repair Date 2016
Hours of use:Unknown
Engine Type:
Emissions: EPA: No   –  CE: No
Component History:
TA Report:No
Serial Number:No
Price:On Request
Machine Location:UK
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