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Caterpillar Launch New Catepillar 966 Wheel Loader

the new caterpillar 966 gc william wheatley

The Caterpillar 966 Wheel Loader is a powerful heavy-duty machine built by one of the most trusted manufacturers in the world. This wheel loader will provide many years of service with a full roll cage and features that cater to your safety and comfort while on the job site. The 966 GC is a versatile and high-performing medium-wheel loader.

Its reliability, efficiency and power make it a top choice for those who want to get their jobs done.

The Caterpillar 966 Wheel Loader is a powerful, high-performance machine powered by an ultra-efficient Tier 3B, EPA-certified Cummins QSB5.9 engine

The Cat 966 GC wheel loader offers a standard engine that meets emissions requirements while providing higher power to get more done between servicing, resulting in increased productivity and low owning and operating costs.

With its new ACERT engine and advanced electronic controls, the Cat 966 GC Wheel Loader delivers impressive performance in material handling applications with high payloads or low fuel costs due to its low fuel consumption rate at load operation and idle settings.

It has a direct drive transmission, which is faster than other machines.


The Caterpillar 966 has an operating weight of 100 tons (90 metric tonnes) and can lift up to 27 tons (24 metric tonnes). The bucket capacity is 1 cubic yard (0.74 meters cubed) and has a lift height of 19 feet (5.8 meters) with a maximum dumping angle of 40 degrees. The engine used in this machine is a CAT C-7 undercarriage engine with 475 horsepower at 1,800 rpm. It also has a four-speed powershift transmission that can be operated from inside or outside of the cab, depending on your preference or work conditions.

Gross Power: 281.3 kW (375 hp)

Net Power: 272.9 kW (365 hp)

Operating Weight with Bucket – Std: 29751 kg (65,477 lb)

Bucket Capacity – Standard Heaped 2.5 yd³ (1.93 m³)

Operating Weight with Bucket – Heaped 2.5 yd³ (1.93 m³): 32807 kg (72,245 lb)

The bucket is made of durable steel and holds up well under heavy loads.

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Efficient hydraulics

The Cat 966 features an electro-hydraulic loader control system which gives you more control over how much force is applied to the bucket when it is lifted or lowered as well as its speed of movement while in transit mode so you can be more precise when manoeuvring around obstacles on your job site or moving material into position for loading onto trucks.

Safety is also a top priority in this new Caterpillar 966 Wheel Loader, including safe visibility and operator comfort

This machine has a durable design and features stylish modern lines, with exceptional operator comfort and maximum visibility for faster cycle times, more accurate loading, and an improved safety environment for both the operator and others on the job site.

Safety is a top priority for Caterpillar, which is why the cab on this machine has an Advanced Display System that provides clear digital information about key machine functions at all times.

It includes hydraulic brakes and an air-suspended seat for added safety and comfort.

A large roof-to-floor, distortion-free, flat glass front windshield; standard rearview camera; and exterior mirrors with integrated spot mirrors provide all-around visibility.


This wheel loader has controls to make it easy for the operator to stay comfortable and in control throughout your day’s work.
The 966 GC is equipped with a newly designed armrest that provides greater adjustability and greater operator comfort than the previous generation of wheel loaders.
The wide-open platform makes it easy to step in and out of the loader; the armrests can be folded to reduce the space needed to enter or exit the cab.

The operator is protected while in the cab with a full roll-over protection system (ROPS) which includes an enclosed window guard that provides added safety during front-end impact events like tipping over onto one side; this also helps protect against falling debris such as rocks or logs when working on steep slopes. The enclosed window guard protects against wind noise by reducing turbulence within the cab.

The high-capacity cooling system ensures that your machine will not overheat if you are working in extreme conditions or if it is very hot out.

It is easy to change the angle of the bucket so that it’s easier to work with materials at different heights.

Joystick steering for intuitive control

The new Joysticks on this wheel loader offer an ergonomic design, so operators will find it easy to operate with less strain on their hands and bodies.

Driving Modes

The 966 GC also boasts multiple drive modes to increase performance depending on the application being done or the terrain.

The Caterpillar 966 wheel loader has a high capacity bucket which can hold up to 4 tons of material in its bucket at any given time. It also features three modes of operation: Lift, Dig & Dump; Lift & Grapple; and Grapple Only (with optional grapple). It allows you to easily switch between different tasks on your job site as needed without stopping and changing settings each time you need to change what you are doing.

Productivity & Longevity

The 966 bucket holds 4 cubic yards at 50% capacity. The lift arms are designed with solid materials that reduce stress concentrations and improve overall durability, which extends the service life of this machine by delivering consistent performance for many years to come.

Takeaway: The Caterpillar Wheel Loader will provide a reliable service prospect for many years to come.

High resale value

The 966 cat wheel loader is a machine that’s built to last.
When you need a wheel loader that can get the job done, look no further than the Caterpillar 966. It is one of the most powerful machines in its class, and it is also built by one of the world’s most trusted manufacturersCaterpillar.

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