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Moving Excavators Around In Mines Doesn’t Need To Be Hard

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Excavator transport in and out of open mines sites and inside the mines can be a lengthy and significant cost driver.

Mines location are often in remote areas. In such demanding geological environments, even the slightest mistake when operating heavy machinery can result in injury, financial loss, and production losses associated with moving an excavator from one point to another. There are also significant costs associated with transporting these machines through existing access roads and into mine sites. 

Additionally, the provision of on-site maintenance and repair services necessitates the employment of highly skilled technicians, which generates substantial costs. Therefore, for mine operators, preventative measures, including the suitable types of equipment against these risks, are preferable to cures.

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The Challenge

    • Security during excavators transport
    • Reduce maintenance cost
    • Reduce transport time

When mines try to increase their production, they need to keep expanding their space; more and more excavators are being used in production mines. 

As a result, these companies need well-maintained excavators that can guarantee their mobility and long life to keep production going. They often lose significant time due to slow transportation between the sections of mines, which causes productivity loss, which is time you could have used to build your mine and prepare for your subsequent excavation.

People in the mining industry know that a day or two spent moving an excavator could mean thousands lost in revenue.
When excavators’ undercarriage wear and tear is considered, it becomes clear that time savings are not just about cost savings on fuel or vehicle operating costs. There are also non-quantifiable benefits in trucking, such as the reduced risk of accidents due to fatigued drivers or avoidance of transporting delicate machinery on rough roads.

How Do You Transport Excavators Within Mines?

Loading And Transport Excavators Time Is Lost Machine Hours.
Turn It Around And Move Excavators Much Faster And More Efficiently By Using The Titan Movability Technology.

The Excavator Transport Solution

In 2022 William Wheatley introduced the Titan CET Range. The Titan Range serves the mining industry and provides its customers with innovative, productivity-enhancing products and services. The Titan Range serves the mining industry and provides its customers with innovative, productivity-enhancing products and services.

Titan Technologies will revolutionise the movement of excavators within a mine site. 

  • The Titan CET is a more efficient and cost-effective excavator transport system for the mining industry. With its unique patented braking system, it will move your excavators faster, saving time and ensuring maximum safety for operators. The braking system on the Titan CET system is superior and has no match in the market.
  • The braking system is remote-controlled by a second vehicle should an emergency arise.
  • The total weight of the Titan unit for the weight they are designed to carry is far less than other brands in the market.
  • Due to the relatively low weight of the Titan units, it is easy to handle and move around.
  • The Movability of Titan CET is a much easier way to transport machines and avoid wear and tear on the undercarriage.
titan cet titan industries movabilities


The Mobility Of Excavators In Mining Sites Is A Major Challenge For The Industry.

Using standard production equipment for moving excavators in mines is slow, expensive, and potentially dangerous. Do you struggle to move your excavators around inside the mining pit?

Do you have an excavator that needs to get into more spaces than before? Are you looking for a more efficient way to transport your excavators?

Are you looking for a Complete Excavator Transport System?
Titan CET brings a total change in mine mobility. It makes it suitable for all sizes of mines, from small, family-owned operations to large international corporations. We have the solution if you face performance limits or any other mobility problem due to space/size limitations or compliance issues.
The Titan CET system has a unique patented remote-controlled braking system. The remote braking and variable traction make the Titan range the safest and most productive transport system, increasing your on-site production area.
The Titan CET offers the highest level of safety, flexibility, efficiency and reliable way to move your excavators around your mine site available in the market today. It enhanced productivity and profitability without needing a specialist mining haulage company.
Titan CET offers an innovative solution to this challenge by combining remote-controlled breaks with conventional on-site equipment and is introducing a series of patented products that are set to revolutionise the industry.

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James Wheatley

Managing Director

William Wheatley (Wickham) Ldt.

James Stafford

Managing Director

Big Machinery, South Africa

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