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Do you How do you transport excavators within mines?

Patent Transport System

Loading and transport time is lost machine hours. Turn it around and move excavators much faster and more efficiently by using the Shaka Movability Technology.

The Most Secure Way To Increase Excavators Movability

Shaka Technologies


The Shaka CET is a unique transport system with patented, remote-controlled brakes to move excavators inside mining pits and construction sites using standard on-site production equipment.

Shaka Industries serves the mining industry and provides its customers with innovative, productivity-enhancing products and services.

William Wheatley (Wickham) has, with its 36 years in the mining industry, discovered the potential of the Shaka CET-Series and has in 2021 establish a Worldwide Shaka Distribution and an ecommerce multi-channel sales and after-sales network.

Braking System

Safety is paramount when operating heavy machines.
The Shaka CET Series has a patented, remote-controlled, independent hydraulic brakes that synchronize with the brakes of the pulling vehicle. These fool-proof brakes are also used for parking and emergency stopping in case of a power failure and other emergencies. Description for this block. Use this space for describing your block. Any text will do.

Benefits & Features

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Feature 1

Maintenance cost

The CET exponentially increases your excavator’s mobility and utilization while reducing maintenance costs.

Feature 2

Transport Time

By using the Shaka CET transport time for excavators may be reduced by 80%.

Feature 3

Life Time Doubled

The excavators’ undercarriage life can be more than doubled.

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100 / 100 Tons


400 / 400 Tons


100 / 200 Tons


600 / 600 Tons